The InterNETional Scouting and Guiding Pages

What is "Internetional"


Scouting is World Wide, and so is the World Wide Web
Scouting is about exploring, and that is what web browser software invites you to do.

So, it's only natural that Scouting and Guiding pages on the WWW would be created. This site (albeit under the title "Scouting around the world") is one of the older sites on the net. It was originally announced on July 29, 1994.

For now, explore and enjoy !!!

Yours in Scouting and Guiding, David Jansen
[Leader with Scouting "Van Wassenaer Van Obdam" in Wassenaar, the Netherlands; member of Scouting Nederland]


The word Internetional was thought up by Daniël Kropveld - or was it just a typo ? - It is a combination of Internet and international, so it gives a good description of what we are doing here.

Later (May 2003) I learned that we were not the first to use this term. It was originally thought up by Imran Anwar, who deserves credit for using this phrase back in 1989 in presentations to large companies showing how to be ready for the global internet driven economy and international business via the Internet.
We are grateful that he decided to allow us to use this phrase, even though he ownes the trademark.

Scouting and Guiding

So, originally, I called this page the "InterNETional Scouting pages". Of course, that is not correct, since this page also has information about Guiding (WAGGGS). So I have changed the titles on most of the pages. WAGGGS members, plese don't feel offended if the word "Scouting" appears somewhere on a page by itself. It's just an oversight, and no offense is intended.

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