Scouting on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and other chat forums

IRC general information

For those who are new to IRC, check out this short IRC primer, which also contains links to IRC software.

IRC is a multi-user online chatting system that allows users to talk to other users all around the world via the Internet. You will have to find a (local) IRC server to connect to.

IRC users are identified by nicknames of their own choice. Nicknames may be at most 9 characters long. The nickname is set via preferences or the /NICK command in your IRC client.

Communication on IRC is done via Channels and Private Messages. Channels have names starting with # (public channels) and & (local) and usually up to 12 characters long. You can see a list of the channels currently in use via the /LIST command issued to your IRC client. As soon as you join a channel with the /JOIN command, everything you type is sent to that channel and seen by all other users on that channel. You will see what the others type, respectively.

Channel #scouting

This is a IRC channel reserved especially for scouting topics, available on many of the IRC networks (but not on ScoutLink since the channels there are more specialized).

Other channels

Since it is easy to open a new, temporary, channel, often special channels for special events will be created, such as #jota. See also Jamboree on the Internet.


And there is ScoutLink, an IRC network especially for Scouts, with (a few) dedicated servers.

ScoutLink also has an WWW IRC chat service (using Java), on

Other chat forums

One of the more recent devellopments on the World Wide Web are the on-line interactive chat forums. This is quite like IRC, but it works from within your web-browser (e.g. Netscape). See this page.

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