Global ScoutNet
Global ScoutNet is the movement which aims to connect Scouts all around the world through computer nets, both the Internet, and FIDO-style BBS networks. Other connections also exist, such as packet radio.

Global ScoutNet

Global ScoutNet (international)

Global ScoutNet country sites around the world

ScoutNet Belgium
ScoutNet Croatia
ScoutNet Finland
ScoutNet Germany
ScoutNet Hong Kong
ScoutNet Italy
ScoutNet Japan
ScoutNet Malaysia
ScoutNet Netherlands
ScoutNet Slovakia
ScoutNet Slovenia
ScoutNet Spain
ScoutNet Switzerland
ScoutNet UK
ScoutNet USA
ScoutNet Venezuela

Global ScoutNet user homepages

ScoutNet user pages in Belgium
ScoutNet user pages in Germany
ScoutNet user pages in Japan
ScoutNet user pages in the Netherlands
ScoutNet user pages in Switzerland

Global ScoutNet projects

the InterNETional Scouting & Guiding pages
ScoutNet web ring
ScoutNet news server & news portal

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