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This form will help you search through the indices of country and group pages. And yes, you can now get exactly the same search results directly from the main page !

Enter the word(s) to search for in the description. This includes the group name, city and country (and province or state, if provided), but not the URL. The search is case-insensitive.

Click to start your search. Click to clear this form.

The information provided in the database is far from complete; especially province (or county or whatever) information is missing for lots of entries. Help is appreciated in completing this information.

For many countries, more than one name is listed, so "USA" will give the same results as "United States of America" or just "United States" (but "USA" also matches every record that has the substring "usa" in it !!!).
Other examples: Deutchland (= Germany), Italia (= Italy).
If the name of your country is still missing from this mechanism, please let me know.

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