Scouting skills and activities - Semaphore flag signaling

On this InterNETional Scouting resource site you can find some basic information about semaphore flag signaling, a skill which used to be practiced a lot in Scouting (and maybe it still is, although not everywhere).

To get you started, here's the semaphore alphabet.

Translating text to semaphore (images)

If you want to have a text translated into semaphore, you can do so. In a next step, you can even create an animated GIF from the signals !!!!

Select the collection of images to use

  1. Scout with flags + translation
  2. Scout with flags without the translation (great for exercise!)
  3. Stylized people with colored flags (from this site
    but I changed the "I" which was wrong on the site; thanks to Tim Sterling for reporting this!)
  4. Stick people (from this site)
    [Not available for animations, unfortunately]

Note: new feature: use a '/' to get the "interval signal between words in the non-animated output (any punctuation or space gives the interval sign in the animation)

Other semaphore links:

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